MOXY: EPICS GUI support for a set of motor positionsΒΆ

moxy: EPICS GUI support for a set of motor positions


moxy (an EPICS GUI tool) provides support for a set of positioners (EPICS motor records or similar) by allowing users to define a table of known positions and providing a one-button click to drive the set of positioners to a specific setting in the table. Also can record current position into a setting.

Several sets of positioners can be configured. (Each set is separate.) In fact, the positioners do not have to be motors, but can be any type of EPICS PV that will accept a numeric value.

moxy requires these Python packages:

package version website
PyQt4 >= 4 http:// ([1])
PyEpics >= 3.2
bcdaqwidgets >= 2015.0413.0
[1]this project developed with PyQt4 >= 4.11.3

And, this tool is useless without: * EPICS ( * EPICS motor record ( * EPICS IOC server running one or more motor instances

(or a set of PVs that emulate the motor interface).

In the Graphical User Interface (GUI), tooltips are provided for most items. Moving and pausing the mouse over a widget (GUI component such as a button or a label) will cause a terse description of that widget to be displayed. Moving the mouse away will cause that tooltip to disappear.

For more help, explanations are provided in the documentation.